Achieve eyebrow perfection with our professional brow services. From subtle yet noticeable enhancements like tinting to complete transformations with shaping, waxing, and lamination. We offer a wide range of brow services designed to reveal the full and stunning potential of your eyebrows.


Brow Tint – Duration 15min $27
An eyebrow tint is calling your name! Our professional stylists will help select a shade that complements your hair and skin tone. Brow tint will enhance your eyebrows creating a full yet effortless look! Our eyebrow tint will last up to 5 – 6 weeks.
Brow Wax & Tint – Duration 30 minutes $50
Add a brow wax to compliment your eyebrow tint!
Brow Shaping, Brow Wax, & Tint – Duration 45 minutes $60
Bring your eyebrows to life with a shape, wax and tint. Our experts will clean up your brows and give you a look you’ll fall in love with!
Brow Lamination & Tint – Duration 60 minutes $105
Lift your eyebrows at the root in a fixed upward position followed with a tint for added fullness. This service will improve your brow shape and tame any unruly brows for up to 4 – 8 weeks.
Brow Lamination, Tint & Wax – Duration 75 minutes $115
Our most popular eyebrow trio!
Brow shaping, Brow Wax, Lamination, & Tint – Duration 90 minutes $125
Shape, wax, lamination, and tint. Treat yourself with our full eyebrow service. This service will leave you with a gorgeous captivating new look!

Lash Lifts & Tints

Lash lifts and tints are popular treatments that enhance your natural lashes. Lash lift lifts your lashes, making them appear longer and fuller, while a lash tint adds color and definition. These treatments provide a semi-permanent solution that can last several weeks, giving you effortlessly beautiful lashes without the need for mascara.

Lash Lift & Tint – 1 hour $115
Two treatments that will lift and darken your natural lashes. Think of this as a semi-permanent mascara that will make your lashes look thicker and longer for up to 8 weeks.
Lash Tint – 15 minutes $27
We apply black tint to your top and bottom eyelashes for a bold look. Eyelash tint lasts up to 5 – 6 weeks!

Brow Lamination Aftercare

  • Do not get your brows wet for 24 hours after receiving a brow lamination.
  • You will be given a nourishing lotion with a mascara wand, and we want you to apply that to your brows until it is gone!

Lash Lift & Tint Aftercare

  • Do not get your eyelash wet for 24 hours after receiving a lash lift and tint.
  • Avoid using any waterproof mascara.
  • You will be given a nourishing lotion with a mascara wand, and we want you to apply that to your eyelashes until it is gone!