Eyelash extensions are synthetic mink, cruelty free lashes that are applied to elevate your natural beauty.

We will have a consultation with you at the very beginning of your appointment to determine length, thickness, style, and shape! Every set is customizable to enhance your eyes and lifestyle!

What we like to do if you’ve experienced a reaction in the past is a patch test! A patch test allows us to see what glue option would work best for you! We add 8 to 10 classic lashes on each eye, one side with our regular glue and one side with our sensitive glue. We will check in with you 24 to 48 hours after the patch test to determine what glue moving forward is the best option for you!

We LOVE to still be able to offer you a beautiful service called an eyelash lift and tint! This service enhances your natural lashes with perm to give your eyelashes a tight curl and we dye the lashes black to make your lashes pop!

The answer is NO! We use a bond that gets applied at the end of every eyelash extension appointment that cures the glue!

Yes, yes, yes! You should be washing your eyelash extensions everyday with an extension safe eyelash wash! We have several that we recommend. Get in there and make sure you’re washing all the dirt, debris, and makeup residue off of your lashes! Washing your extensions also helps with your lash retention!

You don’t have to, but we strongly encourage you to use extension safe make up to get longevity out of your extensions and helps with retention. We have extension safe makeup available for you!

Our main focus is the health of your natural lashes. We make sure to isolate and use a proper amount of glue so your extensions will grow and naturally shed accordingly to your eyelash cycle!

You don’t need to take a break. We have been seeing clients for years. If you’re ever thinking you need to nourish your lashes, we recommend an extension safe lash serum that can be applied directly to your lash line.

We want to make sure your extensions are taken off properly. Book an eyelash removal and we use a gel that breaks down the glue to ensure your natural lashes are strong and healthy!

We recommend coming every 2 to 3 weeks for a fill. We also have mini fills if you’re in need of getting in quickly before a special event or a mega fill appointment that allows us more time to get your lashes nice and to their fullness!

Yes absolutely! We recommend washing your eyelash extensions after doing any swimming with an extension safe lash wash!

Yes absolutely! We recommend washing your eyelash extensions after doing any of these activities with an extension safe lash wash

Yes, we strongly encourage you to use an eye protector and wash your eyelashes when you’re able to do with an extension safe lash wash!

We can absolutely do that! Eyelash extensions are customizable, and we can make any adjustments needed! Let your lash artist know if you want to change anything and we will note that in your file!

Yes, we require a nonrefundable deposit of 50% of the service you booked if it’d $50 or more.

Call or text 253-226-8975 and we can get you rescheduled! We are here to help!

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